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Insuring your Most Valuable Asset...You

Your most important asset is your ability to earn a living.  That is why the most important thing to insure is you.  This part of our website is to help you figure out how much disability insurance you need.  And then give you an idea of how much it will cost to replace your income.  

Keep this in mind as you navigate the disability web pages.  If you ever need help, call or send an email or a Facebook instant message.  Help is available.  Second, when you consider the cost of disability insurance, remember that you are replacing more than one month.  Disability insurance can cover two years, five years, ten years, until the age of 65 or in some cases, the income is for the rest of your life.  So if you are replacing $4,000 per month from age 30 to age 65, you are possibly replacing $1,680,000 over 35 years.  And that is the option without increases for inflation.  


There are two pages to help you better understand disability insurance and help you find the right coverage for you.  

  • Disability Insurance Calculator - The cost of disability insurance is a significant factor for anyone wanting to protect their income.  This page is a link to the disability insurance quote generator.  You can input your information and get an idea of the possible cost of an individual disability insurance policy.  It is crucial to keep two points in mind.  One, this is not the only company from whom we offer disability insurance.  Two, disability insurance can be very complicated because of the many ways the policy can be structured.  Some of the factors that need taken into consideration are your health, your age, how many years you want coverage, how many years do you want the potential benefit, do you want to offset this policy with an employer policy, do you want the potential benefit to increase with inflation and do you want any potential Social Security benefit to offset your benefits.  You are strongly encouraged to ask for help when structuring a policy.  Please call or send an email or Facebook instant message.

  • Disability Insurance Companies - There are far fewer companies that offer disability insurance than those that provide life insurance.  This page has a list of the companies that we represent along with their current financial strength ratings.   

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