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Do You Have Questions About Life Insurance:


Have you gotten to the point that you need life insurance or want to discuss your current life insurance?  I can save you time and money.  Please select a consultation time and I will answer your questions.  


There is no charge for consultations.  I do ask you for two things in exchange for my time.  If you got value from our conversation, please comment on my Advice 4 Life Insurance Facebook page and if you are on LinkedIn, join my network and add your comments.



Schedule a 30-minute time to talk below.



I do require that you complete a pre-discussion form before our talk.  The better prepared I am, the more value you will get from our conversation.  Here is the link to the pre-discussion form.



Media or Speaker Request:



Are you a reporter or journalist looking for information for an article?  Are you looking to collaborate on an article?  Or are you interested in having me speak to your group?


Schedule a 30-minute time to talk below.

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