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Quote Questions

life insurance

Can I do everything myself?


All the shopping can be done on your own, or you can ask for help at any time. Once you find the policy you like, most of the application is completed online. You are not left on your own.  A licensed agent guides you step-by-step online or by phone.  E-signatures are accepted from most life insurance companies; however, there may be occasional forms that require an actual signature.  In those instances, a document that is signed, scanned and emailed is acceptable.  If there is a para-med exam necessary, the examiner can make an appointment to meet you at your convenience.


How do I get a quote?


You can obtain a quote quickly by inputting your basic information, and a quote will be produced within seconds.  If you have a health condition, I encourage you to request assistance.  I have an in-depth knowledge of what life insurance companies require for different health conditions.  I can save you time and help you find solutions.   To request direct assistance you can use the form below or request a 30-minute consultation.  For more information on setting up a telephone call with me, please visit the Schedule a Call page through this link.

How accurate are the quotes?


If you have no health concerns, then the quotes are very accurate.  Once you enter your personal information, I review your application and contact you to assure the application is complete and accurate.  If you do have health concerns, I recommend that you ask me for direction.  The quotes are as accurate as the understanding of the requirements for different health reporting requirements.   To request direct assistance, please use the preceding contact form.   You may include it if you would like a call to discuss your questions.


Do I have to provide my email and phone number to get a quote?


Yes, once you enter basic information, I will give you a list of the top life insurance companies available with the anticipated premium.  If one of those examples interest you, continue to enter more specific information.  The more accurate information I have will give you the best possibility of getting the policy you want at the price you expect.  I encourage you to ask questions.  You can call me at 713-320-6124 or use the contact form above.  I am here to educate and help you find the life insurance for which you are shopping. 


How safe is my information?


Your trust is very important to me. One way I hope to earn your trust is by protecting your personal information. I only use your information to do business with you, and as permitted or required by law. I never sell or share your information with third parties for their marketing purposes.  You can read our complete privacy policy by clicking here.


How do I protect the Information I have collected about you?


I use administrative, physical and technical safeguards to protect your personal information. Our associates are trained to respect your information and to keep it safe. I will never ask for your personal information, such as account numbers, Social Security Numbers, or passwords through an unsolicited email or phone call. When completing your application, I will communicate with you by email from time to time to clarify questions.  If you are ever doubtful of the authenticity of our communication, please call me at 713-320-6124.  


How do I use and share the information I have collected about you?


Your information is shared with associates when their jobs require it to process and service your contracts, benefits or accounts. I share your information with third parties who have information protection safeguards in place and who have contracts with me to provide services on our behalf. These parties are contractually bound to only use your information to perform those services. They cannot use it for their marketing purposes.

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life insurance

How do your prices compare to other sites on the Internet?


The information I provide you has some similarities, however, there are significant differences.  If you compare the same life insurance company product offered by our company and the same product offered by any other broker, there is no difference in price. Each life insurance company must file their products with each state in which they offer products, and they cannot differ from what they filed.  Any claim that one broker has better prices than another broker is not true. However, here is the difference. Understanding how to get a customer the best price is one way that our company is different.  Here is an example.


A client came to me concerned that the medication they had been taking for years would affect their ability to get life insurance.  I contacted three different life insurance brokerage companies and anonymously gave them the same medical information on the client.  All three of them recommended the same life insurance company.  Two of them quoted the policy as a standard risk because their experience with other clients who were prescribed the same medication had only obtained standard risk policies.  One brokerage company quoted the client a policy as a preferred risk.  I submitted a formal application to the third brokerage company, and within three weeks the client was issued the policy he wanted with a preferred risk rating at the price he expected. The difference in the brokerage companies was their experience with a particular medical issue. The third company had a positive experience in communicating the medical issue.  I placed the application with the third company. They followed their successful pattern of submitting similar applications and obtained the life insurance rating and price our client expected. There is no doubt that low price life insurance is important.  I strive not to overstate the lowest price only to get a customer to apply through our company.  I have the experience and the organization to help clients successfully obtain the health ratings and price for which they usually expect.  Open communication through the application process is key to successfully helping customers get the life insurance they want. 

life insurance

Is bigger always better when it comes to buying term life insurance online?


Is it better to get a term life insurance policy directly from the big life insurance company or is it better to get a policy from one of the big term life insurance sales companies?  The answer is no and no.  However, there is a logical explanation.  There are three ways to buy term life insurance.  


  1. Buy direct from a large life insurance company. 

  2. Buy from a large term life quoting company.

  3. Buy from an independent life insurance agent.


Buy Direct   

Buying term life insurance directly from a big life insurance company may be attractive.  However, there are drawbacks.  In most instances, there are limited types of term life insurance available.  Many insurers tend to offer life insurance policies directed at a certain segment of the population.  People that have health issues may be at the greatest disadvantage of relying on only one life insurance company.  If the insurer chosen declines or postpones offering life insurance coverage, that denial will make it more difficult to go to other life insurance companies for a life insurance policy.  Life insurance companies share general life insurance underwriting information through an organization called the Medical Information Bureau.  At the outset of applying to another life insurance company, they will know that another life insurance company declined to offer coverage.  Almost all life insurance applications will ask if you have been rated or declined.  Regardless of how you answer, a cross-check will be made through the Medical Information Bureau, and an applicant will be left explaining the circumstances.


Buy From Big Term Quoting Companies

The second way to buy term life insurance is through one of the large term life insurance sales companies.  These companies do offer many term life insurance quotes.  A common statement made is that customers can get quotes from top life insurance companies immediately.  That statement is so overused.  Mega term life insurance quoting companies have drawbacks because of the nature of their way they do business.  These companies thrive on volume, so if you are not in top notch health, the quote you receive probably will not be very accurate.  The other drawback that tends to bother most people is that your data is passed on to other agents or possibly sold to outside life insurance agents.  Since this type of life insurance sales company emphasizes a sales quota on agents, there is a turnover of agents.  The result is if you did not buy a policy when the first agent contacted you, your number would be passed on and on to other agents.   


Independent Life Insurance Agent

The third way to buy term life insurance is through an independent life insurance agent.  Independent agents offer a simpler way to buy life insurance.  Depending upon your health condition, independent life insurance agents will offer a proposal for life insurance coverage that includes quotes from many companies.  Top rated companies are important, however depending upon the health condition of the person applying for life insurance, a moderately lower rated life insurance company may be appropriate.  If a person applying for life insurance has some type of issue with their health, moderately lower rated companies may offer better rates or even guaranteed coverage for certain customers.  Independent life insurance agents are usually more experienced and able to help a customer determine if a lower rated insurer may be in their best interest.  This is not to say lower rated companies are the best option.  Higher rated companies are always a better option if they are competitively priced.   Understanding the financial stability of a life insurance company, how they are monitored, and regulated by each state is important when choosing a life insurance policy that will possibly be in place for decades.  An independent agent is best suited to help clients in this situation.   


Another significant advantage an independent life insurance agent can offer is that you will generally deal with one experienced agent.  And your information will not be sold.  Here are how the advantages of dealing with an independent agent can be summarized. Customers get low priced realistic quotes from an experienced life insurance agent who is dedicated to helping their customers find the right life insurance.

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