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Advice for term life insurance

Work with me.

I am Van Richards, the founder of Advice 4 Life Insurance. 

Thank you for visiting my company’s website.  Most people only deal with financial issues a few times during their life. It is like buying an umbrella.  You just care if it protects you from the rain, not how it is constructed.  What would happen if it rained and when you opened the umbrella it had holes in it? The same principle applies to your finances.  If you wait until a significant life event occurs, it may be too late.  If you are at a point that you need help planning your personal or company retirement, determining which life or disability insurance to purchase or selecting how to best save for your children’s education, I can assist you.    I have been helping people plan their families’ and businesses’ future for thirty years. 

If I have the opportunity to work with you, there are two promises that I make to you.
#1. Your best interest comes first.
#2. If I cannot help you, I will help you find the person that can.


I enjoy meeting new people. If you want to talk about your life or disability insurance, your financial future, retirement plans for your company or talk about baseball, college football, or Labrador Retrievers, follow this link to set up a 20-minute appointment to have a phone conversation.  There is no charge to talk.   

Head of Marketing, Ranger the Labrador
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